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PRIVATE TRAINING- 4xs/wk (60min/sess)

Sessions take place 4xs per week. Video call sessions will take place via Zoom or Facetime (other video calling apps available). In-Person sessions take place at my gym in Redondo Beach, CA.

Plan Includes

  • 16 Private Training Sessions (60min/sess)

  • Exercise Plan

  • Flexibility Plan

  • Nutrition Plan

How it works

  • Once a purchase is made, I will contact you within 12 hours to decide on what type of training you want...in-person or video calling.
  • Once we determine the type of training you want, we will schedule a consultation that will allow me to better understand your fitness level and goals.
  • At the completion of the consultation, we will schedule your sessions for the month and if appropriate, I will request that you track your caloric intake for 2 days so I can understand your eating tendencies.
  • I will use the information gathered from our consultation to design a custom one month training plan in which you will be able to access via the Perform Younger® App.
  • I will guide you through workouts ensuring proper exercise technique and efficiency.
  • I will request check-ins periodically and make nutrition suggestions to make sure you're staying on track to attain your fitness goal.
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